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My Stand on the 2nd Amendment

Added : 2-23-2013

Recently I was asked to speak at a Pro 2nd Amendment Rally in Sacramento, CA. I was not able to attend, but this is what I would like to have said

"The Second amendment was not written to let us have arms to provide food for our families by hunting, nor was it written to protect ourselves from our enemies, or from thieves and murderers who choose to

to steal, murder or rape us or our loved ones.

The Second was not even written to protect us from foreign invaders.

Even though these are all good reasons for the 2nd amendment.


The second amendment was written by our founding fathers to protect us from the tyranny of an oppressive government.


 The second amendment protects us from a government that taxes citizens too much, and neglects the rights given to the people of this country by the constitution.

Our second amendment is the people’s safe guard from a government that wants us to be subjects of its country not citizens of our country.


Our constitution protects us from the type of government that our founding fathers fought so desperately to dissolve all ties from.


We need to reclaim our independence, and freedom from over bearing laws, rules and regulation that limit our rights, and stifles the human spirit.


I also believe in a women's rights.


The right to protect herself and her loved one from those who choose to do harm.


When I am armed you can no longer force me to do anything you now have to negotiate with me no matter my  size or your strength.


I believe in the right to choose my method of protection.


Women do not want to be told how to protect themselves;


Told we can have a shotgun and to go outside when we feel in danger,  to fire 2 shots, so the threat now knows where we are and that we are no longer armed.


That we should hope to get a good jab with our pen, or that our attacker would be so offender if we urinate or vomit on him he would no longer want to harm us, or if we faint, or have a seizure he might take pity on us.


I want the option to defend myself with whatever force is necessary to avert and attack or harm, to myself or loved ones.


As a woman in my heart I wish there was no need for arms.


When the government comes up with a solution on how to get illegal guns out of the hands of criminals, thieves, murders.

When the government comes up with a solution on how to get the illegal guns off our streets, out of our cities and out of our country.

When the government says it can promise to protect me from every Ted Bundy, Charles Manson or John Wayne Gacy.

To protect me from all threats domestic and foreign, I might consider giving up my right to bear arms, but until that happens I stand firm for my Second Amendment Rights to keep and bear arms."

Thank you Lee Stone